The results are back – 24-hour medical care, pharmacy, gym ‘next door’ are the winners

Health is wealth. Barbadians want to know that if or when sickness or injury occurs, help is mere steps away!

A recent market research report revealed from the almost 1,000 adult Barbadians surveyed, the most desired amenities to have close to home are a 24-hour urgent medical care facility and pharmacy. Access to 24-hour urgent medical care was the most popular with 64.9 %. This was followed by the pharmacy with 52.7% in the popularity vote. Receiving 52.1 % of interest was a gym, which reinforced our focus on health in 2021.

Despite being presented with 13 different options, for the 980 survey respondents, these three were the clear winners. There are two sayings well used in Barbados: ‘Sickness comes like a thief in the night,’ and ‘Trouble don’t set up like rain’. What do these mean? Essentially, Illness can strike at any time, and accidents do happen. So, to have access to doctors, nurses, advanced technology, and medicine minutes away sits well with all age groups. These results show the unique real estate offering created at the new development, the Estates at St. George is ideally suited to answer this call for medical and health facilities nearby.

The fitness centre will offer residents an opportunity to continuously improve their health and well-being. The dread of sitting in traffic for regular medical appointments and check-ups will be a thing of the past. And most importantly, residents of the Estates at St. George can rest easy. They will have peace of mind, knowing if a medical emergency at any hour of the day or night, they will not have to wait in limbo for the next available ambulance or travel miles to get the care they need.

The results are back - 24-hour medical care, pharmacy, gym 'next door' are the winners